The HEES ARCANUM is an exhibit of 52 images. A complete deck of cards has been recreated featuring photographs by Kevin Hees. 

The intention of the exhibit:

We can’t change the cards that life deals us, but we can change the way we play them.

Take-away of the exhibit:

Life isn’t about winning or losing                                                                              

Life is about doing the right thing                                                                            

Life isn't a game                                                                                                      

Life is a gift

Box Set Includes:

Folding Box with matching sleeve 5" x 7.5"

52 Playing Cards

Birth Card Chart

Numbers and Suits


Each card (photo) in the exhibit has a thought (quote) selected with the idea of inspiring one to play their cards smarter, braver, wiser and with more compassion, acceptance and tolerance. The show is also presented as a collector’s edition boxed set of playing cards with a limited print run of 500 editions. In addition, 7 ARCANUM signature scented candles have been created. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibit will benefit the BE BRAVE BE YOU CAMPAIGN. A campaign building a bridge of bravery across the global landscape.